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Our Wool

We try to make the world a better place, that’s why we’ve opted for 100% natural wool without a gram of acrylic fiber. Our wool comes from crossbred sheep (Corriedale and Merino) that are raised at the high Andes in South America at an altitude of 6500 feet above sea level.

Our peruvian sheep live in optimal conditions, in a natural environment, which directly impacts the quality of the wool.

Knowing the process

Shearing the sheep

At the end of winter the sheep no longer need their natural protection. In the spring the shearers shave the wool. The sheep are left cooler for the heat of the summer.

Washing the wool

The wool can now be washed, in hot water and sanitizing solution, to remove dirt and impurities.


This consists of gently picking and carefully pulling the pieces of yarn into fibers. The wool is carded and then combed. Then it is ready for the next step.


The wool fibers are mixed and twisted to the desired thickness. Usually a spindle or spinning wheel is used.


The dye is poured into a pot with boiling water. The wool is placed in the pot and left to absorb the color. Our wools tend to be purer shade of white than others, so it can be dyed a wide range of colors.

Twisted Strands

The wool is twisted once again, to give it the final touch. And that’s it! We now have a skein of wool in our chosen color.